4 Sustainable Businesses In Brighton You Need To Know About

Sustainability is so fundamental to how we live now. Brighton is booming with businesses that work sustainably and support the environment in their business activities. So we thought it apt to bring you a little round-up of businesses with sustainability at the core of what they do, so if you didn’t already know them you can go and support them whether that be in the form of buying their products or by liking their social media pages or by sharing with your friends- every one of these actions makes a difference.

1.BTN Apparel Co

Founded by two fashion devoted Brightonians, The Brighton Apparel Co was launched with the goal of capturing the spirit of the seaside and bringing those memories to life through sustainable clothing. Hence the designs available being everything that Brighton or a good seaside holiday represents. Fish and chips on the beach, sitting on a deck chair on the pebbles, riding the helter-skelter on the pier, or one of Brighton’s iconic beach huts. In the apparel industry, products are usually manufactured in large volumes. This is great for keeping costs down, but bad for the environment, as hundreds of thousands of tonnes of unsold clothes end up in landfill every year. BTN Apparel Co are aiming to change that by that only printing items after they’ve been ordered. All items ordered from BTN Apparel Co. are one of a kind, hand-printed for you by us, locally in Brighton, making your item completely unique. For more information, .

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2. Harriets Of Hove

Harriets Of Hove Sustainable Business

Harriet’s of Hove is jointly run by partners Harriet and Mhiran. They both work in healthcare and have first-hand experience in striving to live more sustainably. By working closely with suppliers, encouraging a ‘bring your own container’ habit and buying produce in bulk, Harriet’s of Hove will be able to develop a more circular way of procuring food and produce and allow the people of Brighton and Hove to shop more sustainably. They believe that lowering plastics shouldn’t just be for the consumers, but should be supplier facing also. Harriet and Mhiran believe that the power of the consumer is great and that if pressure from retailers demands a better way of packaging, delivering and pricing food, then the suppliers will listen.

Therefore, Harriet’s of Hove will explore different methods to inevitably lower the carbon footprint of what they procure. Harriet’s of Hove also fully supports other local businesses and buys from many local individuals and suppliers. They pride themselves on having some of their stock delivered or collected for the store by foot.

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3. Pheobe Kirk Designs

pheobe kirk products

Phoebe Kirk is a freelance illustrator working under the title of Phoebe Kirk Illustration. She started her business in earnest after leaving university almost ten years ago but has always practised outside of study. Her work centers around nature and botanicals.

For the past two years she has been moving towards creating work that is as plastic-free and sustainable where possible- carrying it through to the way she packages and ships work to her customers. Some of her latest products include her Pêche à Pied Tea towels; the artwork was created when she lived in France. “The title is a popular name for foraging and beachcombing for seafood and shellfish along the beaches of Normandy where I lived.” The tea towels are made in the UK within 40 miles of where I live and are printed on organic unbleached cotton to minimise chemical waste from the printing to enter into the waterways.

It is incredibly important to me to have as small a carbon footprint with my work as much as possible and allow people to shop more sustainably when they buy my work.


sustainable brighton businesses

Brighton-based ‘Environmental Life’ was created just under two years ago by partners Vic & Dan. After becoming more aware of their single-use plastic consumption they started to make changes in their home. In a bid to move away from throw-away-society they created a brand that would help people to make choices that are kinder to the environment and a product that could be used for years and years to come. As well as the driving desire to reduce the plastic they were using each day Vic & Dan wanted to create a product where they could feel more confident that the food we all eat is stored in a way that reduces our exposure to BPA’s and other associated toxins. Mintie is a lunchbox that is safe, long-lasting and has a minimal impact on our environment.

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