10 Essential water safety tips every parent should know

As the weather warms up and families gear up for swimwear season, it’s crucial to prioritise water safety. Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among children, but with proper precautions and education, tragedies can be prevented. Here are ten essential water safety tips every parent should know to keep their children safe around water:

1. Give safety briefings before every swim session

Before hitting the water in their vibrant swimsuits, take a moment to review safety rules with your children. Emphasise the importance of listening to lifeguards, staying within designated swimming areas, and avoiding horseplay.

2.Help your child understand water depth as it relates to their height

Teach your child how to gauge water depth relative to their own height, even in their colourful swimwear. This awareness can help them make informed decisions about where it’s safe to swim and where they should avoid.

water safety tips3.Make sure they know how to get away

In their eye-catching swimwear, teach your child basic swimming skills, including how to float on their back and tread water. These skills can help them stay calm and get to safety if they find themselves in deep water.

4.Be sure to set distraction reminders

Amidst the excitement of swimming in their vibrant swimsuits, set regular reminders to check in with your child and ensure they’re following the rules.

5.Designate breaks

Swimming can be tiring, especially for young children. Make sure to designate regular breaks for rest and hydration in between their playful swim sessions.

6.Keep limited trust

While lifeguards are there to help keep swimmers safe, it’s essential to remember that they can’t watch every swimmer at all times. Keep a close eye on your child, even if they’re wearing their standout swimwear.

7.Make life jackets seem cool

Encourage your child to wear a life jacket, especially if they’re not strong swimmers or if they’ll be in rough water. Choose a life jacket with fun colours or designs to match their vibrant swimwear and make it more appealing to wear.

water safety tips8.Educate your kids about what drowning looks like

Many people have misconceptions about what drowning looks like. Teach your child to recognise the signs of drowning, such as gasping for air, flailing arms, and glassy eyes, even amidst the brightness of their swimwear.

9.Beware the “Hey, watch this…”

Children love to show off their swimming skills in their colourful swimsuits, but this can sometimes lead to risky behaviour. Encourage your child to swim responsibly and never attempt dangerous stunts or dives.

10.Tell your kids that if they see something, say something

Teach your child to speak up if they see someone in distress in the water. Emphasise the importance of alerting a lifeguard or trusted adult immediately so that help can be provided quickly.

By following these essential water safety tips, you can help keep your children safe and ensure that they have a fun and enjoyable experience in the water while wearing their bright and safe swimwear. Remember, when it comes to water safety, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive.